Nursery Planning

Long Term Plan Long Term Phonics Plan Medium term Plan Weekly plan Weekly plan phonics Any feedback would be great - Dont know if its right but has worked so far though may change come Sept! Hope it helps - Tried to upload focus activity plan but it failed!


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    cant open the file :/

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    Oh my word. I've been supervisor for a year and I've never done anything like this. Now I'm worried that I'm not doing it properly! I plan with fs and we come up with a medium plan which I take from there the things I think the 2-4 can do... I then plan weekly for them then pop their initials next to things with a brief review on their needs and next steps. I do the letters and sounds from phase one onwards and maths begins with number songs, recognition, order etc. I always worry that I could do better so any advice would be great.

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    cannot open docx, but the rest are very helpful. Thankyou for sharing.