Nursery Record Sheet and Pre-Nursery Baseline Information Sheet

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Our Nursery’s own record sheet on one page of A4, and the Pre-Baseline Sheet is the one that I fill in with the child’s parent when they visit before starting at Nursery.

Other topics covered: Assessment; Level descriptors/statements.


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Created: Mar 2, 2007

Updated: Mar 14, 2012

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    wont download

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    user avatarladybird226 years agoreport

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    user avatarxrachelx8 years agoreport

    links to new EYFS?. just checking that all these statements are up to date and in line with the new EYFS? if so, excellent resource, thank you!xxx

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    Ofsted Friendly ???. This sample record on its own will not be enough to satisfy an Ofsted Inspector that you are meeting EYFS standards. This and the highlighting for terms are insufficient evidence. As one of the first Nursery settings to be visited by Ofsted under EYFS, evidence and individual learning journeys are the focus. Photographs and observations are essential, dated and referred to in your child's record or profile. Just extend this sample record to include a number reference to a photo or observation which is dated etc.

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    user avataralyasmin8 years agoreport

    Fantastic thank you. Thanks very much it was a great help just want i was looking for.