Of Mice and Men- for use with EAL learners

A resource for use with EAL learners. There is an illustrated plot summary and worksheets aimed at some language skills and encouraging writing about reflections. It attempts to make the book more accessible for early stage students. The plot summary has been adapted from an excellent resource at: http://www.irespect.net/CIRCLE/EMAS/curriculum-differentiation/documents/Of-Mice-And-Men.pdf


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  • mayusuf2 months agoReport

    Thanks for the resources, really helpful for EAL students.

  • Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so muvh!

  • Krish0710 months agoReport

    Thank you this is fantastic resource very helpful for EAL

  • This is excellent - just what I was looking for. Thanks

  • kjb18012 years agoReport

    Thanks so much. VERY helpful.