Origins of World War II: Interactive Revision Activities
This is a collection of Interactive Quizzes, Revision Activities and Student Resources that cover the whole topic: Origins of WWII

The quiz resources are a collection of Flash for web or HTML and can be added to any Learning Management System (LMS or CMS) such as Moodle, Blackboard etc.

These interactive activities have proven very popular with students both in class and at home. The interactive files do not display so I have included screenshots. You can also go to my website to see samples of interactive activities along with a more detailed description of all the resources.

Note: Interactive Game Quiz swf files need to stay in the same folder as their matching html files to work.
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  • Timeline---Rise-of-Aggression-Screenshot.jpg
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  • Student-Notes---Origins-of-World-War-II---Part-1-of-3.pdf
  • Student-Notes---Origins-of-World-War-II---Part-2-of-3.pdf
  • Student-Notes---Origins-of-World-War-II---Part-3-of-3.pdf
  • Timeline-1939-45.pdf
  • Timeline-of-Key-Events-1919---41.pdf
  • Timeline-Rise-of-Aggression-1931-37.pdf
  • Timeline-Road-to-War-1937-42.pdf
  • Time-Line-Quiz-Answers-(Teacher-Copy).pdf
  • Student-Notes---Origins-of-World-War-II---Part-1-of-3.doc
  • Student-Notes---Origins-of-World-War-II---Part-2-of-3.doc
  • Student-Notes---Origins-of-World-War-II---Part-3-of-3.doc
  • Glossary-of-Terms---List.xls
  • Glossary-of-Terms---Student-Instructions.doc
  • WW2-1920s.html
  • WW2-1920s.swf
  • WW2-early1930s.html
  • WW2-early1930s.swf
  • WW2-late1930s.html
  • WW2-late1930s.swf
  • WW2_Terms1.html
  • WW2_Terms1.swf
  • WW2_Terms2.html
  • WW2_Terms2.swf
  • WW2_Terms3.html
  • WW2_Terms3.swf
  • WW2_Terms4.html
  • WW2_Terms4.swf
  • WW2_Terms5.html
  • WW2_Terms5.swf
  • 1_Attempts_at_Peace_1919-29.htm
  • 2_Challenges_to_Peace_1929-34.htm
  • 3_Challenges_to_Peace_1935-37.htm
  • 4_Steps_Towards_War_1937-39.htm
  • 5_Towards_Global_War_1940-41.htm
  • index.htm

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