Passover lesson

A lesson designed to enable students to learn about the Seder Meal, what happens and its symbolic meaning. The lesson uses Assessment to support learning to help the students to demonstrate their learning in an essay.


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    user avatarciaraliraa year agoReport

    Thank you for sharing and I have adapted this for my year 5's.

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    user avatarRose20072 years agoReport

    Thank you very much - particularly like the Who wants to be a Millionaire. Lots of work and very generous to share.

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    user avatardale19582 years agoReport

    This would be a great lesson for teaching year 7. Thank you for the ideas. I teach Pre-primary/Year One & have been given some useful ideas i.e preparing a Seder meal and talking through what each item represents and then follow this through with a basic recount.

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    Thank you for sharing your resource. This resource has been recommended for teachers by the TES Resource Team.

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    user avataracarby3 years agoReport

    Thank you for these great resources. I teach year 4 and can use and adapt to suit my children.