Patricia Polacco - Author Study
Patricia Polacco is a wonderful author’s study for third graders! Third
graders will learn the definition of a “Memoir,” look through Patricia
Polacco’s book at her illustrations and notice who and how she draws. They
will make prediction about what Patricia Polacco writes about. The students
will then read several mini-biographies about Patricia Polacco to determine
the “memories” she has that she might want to write about.
To the class, the teacher will read several of Patricia Polacco’s cultural
books, discussing and writing some anchor charts of the “elements of
fiction” in her stories, and the main characters’ traits.
In pairs, students can independently read one of Patricia Polacco’s books,
answering questions to show that they can identify the elements of this story,
make personal connections, and choose a character’s traits and show
evidence from the story.
This is great modeling to guide the teacher and help a student be
independent to identify the elements of fiction, while reading and thinking
deeply about the author.
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