Phonics: phonograms: Word Family -ay Activities for Centers, Group or Whole Class Work
This is a print-and-go learning center or whole class set for the “ay” word family. It includes:

• -ay phonics read and color booklet – “Ray and Kay Play”
• A 136 set of “ay” cards for Phonics Go Fish!
• Two separate Readers Theater scripts – at two levels

Learning word families (also known as phonograms) helps students read in “chunks”. Reading in “chucks” allows students to recognize different word patterns – or sections of a word, such as “ay”, rather than having to sound out each letter. For example, the –ay family includes play, say, stay, etc.

Why are word families important?

1. When children begin to read, they sound out every letter. This breaks up the flow of the words, is extremely slow, and makes it difficult for them to transcend to reading comprehension. By learning families of words, children are able to read familiar patterns of letters quickly and fluently.

2. As children progress from simple to more complex words, the patterns, or chunks – continue to help them to decipher longer words.

3. Word families also help with spelling – as students are able to recognize spelling patterns and apply these to other words of the same family.
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