Phonics Screening Mock Test

Flashcards of real words and non words (these with aliens like the real test) These may be used to prepare children for the format of the test, using words from the sample test and the teacher training video. Assess the children and record their responses on the answer sheet. I've tried to keep the cards as true to the test as possible, hope they help.


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  • dink670a year agoReport

    Fantastic resource, many thanks. Children get a bit bored doing the same things so having this mixes things up a bit! :-)

  • TAEllisa year agoReport

    Just what I needed, thanks :)

  • kdorsey10a year agoReport

    Thank you, very useful!

  • Thank you for sharing your resource.

  • KHarper77a year agoReport

    Thanks for sharing this, you have saved me so much time.