Pictures for labelling with body parts - any lang.

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Pictures for pupils to label with body parts (no vocab on slides so can be used for any language). I get pupils into groups, give them a different coloured pen & then race to see which group can find out and label the most body parts in the target language.

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Body pics to label

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CreatedJul 12, 2011
UpdatedNov 19, 2013

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    user avatarrackster103 years agoReport

    Really useful as a starter activity - thank you! The description makes it perfectly clear what it is, perhaps the first reviewer did not read this properly? Schoolboy error!

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    user avatarajnolan3 years agoReport

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    thank you

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    user avatarKirsty2294 years agoReport

    Perfect for labelling. Thank you very much for sharing.

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    user avatarkatemi014 years agoReport

    Hooray! Just what i needed. Thanks:)

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