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ABCD cards starter to assess pupils' interpretation of pie charts. Interactive demonstration of how to draw a pie chart. First pie chart construction from heights of class (great if this can follow on from a surveys lesson). Extension to allowance activity could be to split £480 as they may do in their first jobs as adults. Thanks very much for Darren Ayling for the original starter idea!

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9E3 - Pie Charts with the Simpsons

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CreatedJan 28, 2013
UpdatedNov 17, 2014

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    Used this with my less able Y10 today, worked an absolute treat, thank you! All 10 of them were drawing pie charts independently by the end of the lesson :-)

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    user avataralutwyche8 months agoReport

    Great stuff - thank you

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    user avatarJAN_1239 months agoReport

    I loved it.
    I have maths exam on Sunday and this topics is there.
    so useful.

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    This is absolutely amazing - thank you so much for sharing this, it must have taken you a really long time to make it! This has saved me ages of prep time. Thank you!

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