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ABCD cards starter to assess pupils' interpretation of pie charts. Interactive demonstration of how to draw a pie chart. First pie chart construction from heights of class (great if this can follow on from a surveys lesson). Extension to allowance activity could be to split £480 as they may do in their first jobs as adults. Thanks very much for Darren Ayling for the original starter idea!


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    user avataralutwyche5 months agoReport

    Great stuff - thank you

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    user avatarJAN_1235 months agoReport

    I loved it.
    I have maths exam on Sunday and this topics is there.
    so useful.

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    This is absolutely amazing - thank you so much for sharing this, it must have taken you a really long time to make it! This has saved me ages of prep time. Thank you!

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    thank you loved this the kids thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt. Thanks for sharing :)

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    user avatarMeredithT9 months agoReport

    Great resource. Thank you for sharing. I've used this with three functional skills maths groups to great effect. Great way of representing fractions visually. The visual protractor in particular is brilliant and can be left on the board so learners can remember which line on the protractor to line up.... it can't have been easy to do this on the PP so thank you for putting in the hard work :-)

Jan 28, 2013
Nov 17, 2014

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