Two worksheets: The first a straight forward worksheet that introduces the idea of Plans and Elevations, the second a set of puzzles where the idea is to try and build the objects using multi-link given the front elevation, side elevation and plan view. The second activty is a non ICT version of the 'Building with side views' applet found on the wis-web website, address: If you haven't used this before then I highly recommend it as I&'ve never had a group that hasn&';t loved it.


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Created: Apr 10, 2010

Updated: Sep 21, 2014

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    Very well created. Exactly what I was needed. Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable resource.

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    user avatarBGHa year agoreport

    Superb - thanks!

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    Brilliant resource! Thanks for sharing.

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    user avatarmjh884 years agoreport

    I've used this resource before and thought it was excellent. I now get error messages when I try to use this, is this a common problem or just my computer?

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    user avatarferardi4 years agoreport

    Really nice resource and clear example at the start. Thank you!