Plurals Worksheet - Words Ending In 'y'

Differentiated worksheets on words ending in y.

Further Plural Resources

PowerPoint Lesson

Regular and Irregular Plurals - PowerPoint Lesson

This resource is a fully editable, highly visual and interactive PowerPoint lesson on making plurals for nouns. It is appropriate for primary aged pupils and older SEN students due to the highly visual nature of the resource.

The PowerPoint explains the rules for making plurals for
- regular nouns - adding 's'
- nouns ending in 'ch' , 'sh', 'x', 'ss' and 's'
- nouns ending un 'o'
- nouns ending in 'f', 'ff' and 'fe'
- nouns ending in 'y' preceded by a consonant
- irregular plurals
-exceptions to the rules

Opportunities are provided within the PowerPoint for pupils to form plurals and there is a timed plural challenge activity.

Set of 26 Worksheets

Regular and Irregular Plurals - Set of 26 Worksheets

A set of 26 differentiated worksheets on all plurals listed above.

Plurals Revision Mat

Regular and Irregular Plurals - Revision Mat
A succinct revision mat containing rules and exceptions for forming plurals.

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