Political Parties in the United States- Project
In Praise of Political Parties
Election Day is coming up in June and you and your classmates in the senior government class have a chance to register to vote for the very first time. Everyone must decide which political party they will join or if they will register as an independent. You are part of a group who will be analyzing one current political party and making a presentation to the class about this party’s solutions for the problems that confront the U.S. today. Since your role as „party analyst is so important to your classmates, you will strive to ensure that all information presented is current and accurate.
Select one of the following political parties:

• Democratic
• Green
• Libertarian
• Natural Law
• Reform
• Republican
• Socialist
• Constitution
• Tea Party

Prepare the following for your in-class.
Part 1
1. Write a brief historical background on the party.
Part 2
Section 1
Find and copy out a current campaign slogan used by your political party.*
Section 2
Find and briefly outline the main platform points of your party on…

1. Social Security
2. Employment
3. Security/ defense
4. Immigration
5. Education
6. Abortion
7. Health Care
8. Gun Control
9. Gay Rights
10. Energy
11. Environment

Section 3
Draw the mascot/logo for your political party. Include a brief description of how the mascot/logo represents the party. If a mascot/logo doesn't exist, create one and explain how it represents the party.
Section 4
Find a photo of, draw or trace a famous person from your party (1950-present) and include a significant quote from that person.
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