Political Presidential Election Project- Takes about 4 Days- GREAT LESSON FOR GOVERNMENT!
The Media has a massive effect on politics in the United States. In the 1960s the first televised debate featuring Nixon versus Kennedy showed this. Nixon, before the debate was the popular candidate, yet on television he looked nervous and anxious and lost much of his support to the well-spoken and poised John F. Kennedy. Television and the media has allowed citizens to see and hear what candidates have to say/do from all over the world, allowing the people to have more knowledge about who they vote for. However, this gives television stations and the media a lot of power over the voters. Many argue that”… the input of the media (especially TV) has diluted grass-roots face-to-face politics and removed the ‘human touch”, and that television stations are very biased. The 2000 election the media featured one candidate nicknamed Al Gore, who was renamed "Al Bore" by the media, the other candidate, G W Bush, was considered to be less than academically gifted. And we all love political satire presented by television shows like Saturday Night Live, the John Dailey Show, and the Colbert report, but overall we need to think about how much of what we hear on the media is true?
In the past 2008 democrats criticized Republican candidate John McCain for creating dirty campaign ads against Barack Obama, which resulted in the public looking favorably toward the democratic candidate that ran the “clean” campaign.
Now is about the time for the 2012 presidential election, and we all wonder what impact the media will have on voter outcome this time.

You have been hired by one of the Republican candidates, or Barack Obama to create a campaign ad (or two) that will be played on CNN and Channel 5 News (known to be a biased station). Your campaign ad must be at least four and a half minutes long, address three of the main issues of the country/ your candidate’s stance on the issue, and publically address why any other candidate would not be good for the job (a spot ad).
You will have several class days

Due Date: _____________
1. Outline 30 points
2. Classwork (yeah that means no games) 20 points
3. Project/ DVD (using MYP rubric criteria A and B… Knowledge and Concept) 50 points

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