Two post SAT (end of year) investigation resources for numeracy. The first includes nearly every strand of the numeracy framework and can be given as a homework or as a class, long term project. Last year I almost went on one of the suggested holidays! The second is a list of ideas for shorter investigations.


  • Holiday Time Project.doc
  • Numeracy investigation ideas.doc

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    user avatarKhalouf28 months agoreport

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    user avatarknuttall2 years agoreport

    An excellent resource. Thank you!

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    user avatarlambini243 years agoreport

    I gave this to my Year 6s and asked them to find me a honeymoon. I only went a booked one of the places they came up with. Mexico was amazing!

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    Brilliant. That is the whole of term 6 done. Thank you so much.

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    Really helpful! Had a reduced class and they spent 45 mins estimating the number of grains of sand in the reception class sand-pit. Excellent investigation and they flew with it. Many thanks!!