Propaganda and WWI recruitment

A follow on lesson - from the contextual one on Private Peaceful (also found here on tes) - looks at propaganda and persuasive techniques. Students get to vote if they would have fought in WWI or be a conscientious objector. Don't forget your sugar jar and 3 bags of sugar!


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  • sjlaver1232 years agoReport

    Thanks for sharing this. I was able to use some of this for my KS2 WW1 project.

  • Wright.R2 years agoReport

    Thank you. Look forward to using this, and grateful for the readily gathered material

  • Thank you so much. We are having an Ofsted soon and I will be using lots of the ideas here. A thoughtful and imaginative way of delivering WW1 propaganda and recruitment tactics. Lesson plan was easy to follow too.

  • What a wonderful resource - one satisfied GTP student here thanks so much x

  • parteli4 years agoReport

    Great thanks. Have used it to improve an existing lesson I had. Thanks!