Provide an Objective Summary – Playlist and Teaching Notes

In this playlist, students explore standard RI.6.2. They learn how to determine the central idea of an informational text and its important details, identify opinions and judgements in a summary, and draft an objective summary. Students look at excerpts from informational texts and are guided through examples of putting together an objective summary. They apply what they learned by writing an objective summary of provided excerpt. Students also have the option to view instructional videos and complete practice quizzes or activities.

The playlist includes:
• Examples of objective summaries
• Six links to instructional videos or texts
• Excerpt from the “Foreword of Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack” by Alben W. Barkley
• Excerpt from “Personal Justice Denied: Report of the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internments of Civilians”
• A self-check quiz consisting of informational passages, such as “The Past and Future of Television” and five multiple choice questions

Accompanying Teaching Notes include:
• Activity for students
• Writing prompt for students
• Links to additional resources, such as guidelines for writing summaries
• An accompanying answer guide that with correct answers, answer choice rationales, and DOK level

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