Psychology Memory Unit - PPTs, Handouts, Quiz, Project, Video Links
Psychology Memory Unit Bundled includes Memory PowerPoint Lectures, handouts, quiz, project, and lesson plans. Just copy and paste into your lesson plans. This Memory unit has 7-10 days worth of lessons. I have used this for both AP Psychology and regular classes. Each lesson begins with a warm-up, Powerpoint notes, a review worksheet and a exit ticket. A quiz, a 25 point assessment and memory project are also included as an option. PowerPoint lectures include lecture notes with memory experiments, making PowerPoints interactive. PowerPoints also include youtube links to videos that illustrate real life examples of concepts.

Topics Include
Three Types of Memory
Three Processes of Memory
-Maintenance Rehearsal, Elaborative Rehearsal, Organizational
-Recall, Recognition, Context Dependent Memory, State-Dependent
Three Stages of Memory
- Icon & Echoic Memory
- Primacy & Recency Effect
- Chunking, Interference
- Ebbinghaus’ Curve of Forgetting, Decay, Interference
- Retroactive & Proactive Interference
- Suppression and Repression
- Retrograde and Anterograde Amnesia
- Eyewitness Testimony
Improving Memory
- Mnemonics, Method of Loci, Distributed Practice, PQ4R Method

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Psychology Memory Lesson Plans
Memory and forgetting
remembering and forgetting
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