Pupil Friendly National Curriculum Level Descriptors

This is a pupil friendly sheet explaining the levels for each of the 3 attainment targets for MFL using 'I can' statements. I give this to the pupils at the beginning of the year. It does not include any reference to tenses as these are not stated on the Welsh NC.


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    user avatarevelianne2 years agoReport

    Excellent for the Welsh N.C. Very clear and concise. Even better than the ones I did for my classes! :)

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    user avatareirian6 years agoReport

    To previous detractors: these are perfect for the MFL National curriculum in Wales. We have 3 ATs, and all references to tenses have been removed. So, my review ... brilliant - thank you for saving me a lot of hard work!

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    Tenses. It would have been good to see some reference to time frames or tense.

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    user avatardemifrog6 years agoReport

    only 3 ATs.
    When did the 4 become three ? Have I missed something?
    Also same comment about the different time frames for Level 5.

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    user avatartinajimbob7 years agoReport

    Good, but. This is good but it doesnt mention anything about using different time frames in level 5 and above

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Jul 9, 2014