A proposal for Senior Management to introduce a school radio station.


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Created: Jan 15, 2008

Updated: Apr 10, 2013

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    user avatarUsername8 years agoreport

    interesting site. Applications are too often riddled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, recruiters report. And, for someone who is applying for the top post in a learning establishment, such an application is not a good personal recommendation. Pay particular attention to the spellings of names and the title of the person you address it to. A Dr. should not be addressed as Mr. or Mrs., nor should a Ms. morph into a Miss. As well as spell checking your application on the word processor, enlist a friend or trusted colleague to read through your application and letter. Even computers get it wrong sometimes.
    Adison High School

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    Able to advise on company to assist you with the radio station. I saw this plan and thought that I would let you know that ENCO are able to help with supplying radio stations for schools and educational providers. If you want a one stop solution and all the proper broadcast equipment, give Becky a call on 01243 389222. E-mail: becky.lodge@encosystems.co.uk. ENCO provide the same service commercially to professional radio stations and initial advice is free.