Rama & Sita Shadow Puppets Diwali

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A plan for making shadow puppets with a powerpoint to project onto a screen, also link to where you can find a video (which I just used the audio from) to give you sound if you don't want to write your own script. Plus 2 evaluation sheets, one for those with more precice handwriting and another for the more sprawling style!

  • Medium Term Plan DT.doc
  • Rama and Sita background.ppt
  • How to set up the screen.docx
  • My Puppet design smaller writing.docx
  • My Puppet design.docx
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Lesson plan

Medium Term Plan DT

doc, 37 KB

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Rama and Sita background

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Lesson plan

How to set up the screen

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My Puppet design smaller writing

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My Puppet design

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CreatedNov 27, 2011
UpdatedNov 12, 2013

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    Brilliant resource - thank you!

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    Thank you for all your hard work. It's perfect for my class

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    user avatarcherry_pi3 years agoReport

    Great really useful thanks especially as my general topic is night and day so the shadow puppet retelling is a great idea!