Reconfigurable iOS Apps for Students, Teachers, and Parents

NthLib is a set of Mac and iOS tools that are designed to enable non-professionals to build, configure, and deploy iOS apps for iPad and iPhone. Once the apps are built, they are easily configured, reconfigured and multiconfigured for various user groups. The key feature that sets NthLib apart from the sea of app builders available is multiconfigurability. A single app can be configured and reconfigured for any group or sub-group of users. A single user can install any number of app configurations and can switch between them with a single tap. This is finished turnkey software that I have used for several years to build and distribute my own iOS apps. I’ve recently made the tools available for 3rd-party use. The library is described in detail in the docs linked below.
Briefly, K-12 use cases are endless. NthLib configurations provides a virtual venue for displaying work done by students that is suitable for public distribution and viewing. Student created content could range from artwork, photography, and videos, to short stories, poetry, and history papers - there are virtually no limits. See the link below that lists system requirements. The target audience can be other students, faculty, and parents. For schools that are already working with iOS devices, entry into NthLib provides easy access to app development and deployment.
NthLib was originally modeled as a subscription service for small and mid-size enterprise. For now, I am offering the service to educators for use free of charge. And for subscribers who take me up on this offer, I will extend the free part indefinitely. In other words, if you start out free, you can continue free as long as you find NthLib of use. In exchange, feedback would help me. Beyond feedback, if your students cook up app configurations they are proud of and that are appropriate for demo distribution, I am always looking for high quality content to distribute as examples of NthLib’s capabilities.


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