Reflective symmetry

A collection of lesson resources and worksheets. The notebook might look scant but it links to a really useful website that takes the children through the concept of reflective symmetry (albeit in an American accent!) Tell me what you think...


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    user avatarorisnera year agoReport

    Really useful worksheets. I can't comment on the presentation as I don't have software to view it. I don't believe the Union Flag has any lines of symmetry, look at the diagonals, they are not mirror images.

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    user avatarnvitamore2 years agoReport

    This is great, thank you - will def use with my access group yr7s. Very grateful. (N.B. Australia is misspelled)

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    user avatarevolve822 years agoReport

    Thanks for this great resource.

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    user avatarcb09abf2 years agoReport