Lesson 2 from a 6 lesson GCSE SoW. Based on AQA Spec B Unit 5. The Students LOVED this lesson. Their highlights were looking at David Beckham's tattoos as well as the Hindu tattoos and of course - creating their own tatoos! . **PLEASE RATE AND LEAVE A COMMENT - THANK YOU VERY MUCH.**


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    user avatarmrfrost2 years agoreport

    I have some KS3 lessons on this topic but there are really good ideas included in this lesson which I will try and use. Thanks for sharing.

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    Some really good ideas that I have been able to adapt for KS3, I think they will love the bit on tattoos

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    I have added some of your lesson ideas to a SofW that I am writing on religious expression. Thank you for sharing.

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    I'm really looking forward to teaching this lesson tomorrow. Thank you.

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    Really good work as usual from a trusted contributor. Certainly more than enough to keep students busy. I wonder how much time you had for this lesson as there really is a lot her. Not sure whether my students would have been able to complete all of this in 60 minutes. Highly adaptable though and excellent quality as usual!! Well done you!