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Rites of Passage- Marriage

12 resource bundle!

This is a fully resourced bundle complete with one of our popular timers and interactive starter and plenary resources.

The pack contains:

Lesson 1: Journeys of Life: This is an introduction lesson to the unit of Journeys. It comprises of: Starter: Think, Pair, Share- Pupils have to think of special events in their life and that of a religious believer. Video clip: Life is a journey
individual Task: The journey of my life road map.
Rites of Passage within religions: There is a selection of worksheets in order for you to select three to six religions to discuss and a worksheet (differentiated) is provided for pupils to fill in.

Lesson 2: Christian Marriage & Wedding Ceremony…
This is a fully resourced Grab & Go lesson based on Christian Marriage. PowerPoint: 20 Slides & Work Booklet: 7 pages It consists of: Diamond 9 activity-Reasons for Marriage. Thinking Skills- Purpose of Marriage Acrostic Poem. Exam Style Question on the purpose of marriage. Peer assessment activity on this question. A link to a video clip of an Anglican wedding ceremony and a low chart to fill in based on this video.
An interactive 5w plenary activity. Homework Activity: pupils have to ask 10 peers the question ‘Should people marry?’ and record their responses. Then create a pie chart on the results.

Lesson 3: Christian Marriage Service & BINGO game: Following on from our Christian Marriage lesson. This is the second lesson based on Christian wedding ceremony.
This is a fully resourced Grab & Go lesson based on Christian Marriage-Activities differentiated for all abilities. PowerPoint: 22 Slides & Work Booklet: 11 pages. It consists of: Starter: 5W follow-on activity. Learning Map:Christian marriage ceremony &symbols
Significance of the church building and items
Diamond 9 activity-Reasons for Marriage. Revision mats and flashcards on significant aspects of Marriage-Important info that could be asked in an exam- that KS3/4 pupils should know. Homework Activity: Revision for short exam style test next lesson and create your own clothing for bride and groom. BONUS ITEM: Christian Marriage BINGO.
This is useful as a starter, plenary or an AFL task throughout the lesson. Based on Key words for Christian Marriage. Included with this resource is a pdf version of the bingo template. Perfect for cutting out and sticking in pupil’s books or laminating and using with dry wipe markers. There is an editable version of this on my page together with a generic Bingo PowerPoint-take a look!

Lesson 4: Christian Wedding Mystery Lesson: This is a mystery activity lesson on the benefits and challenges of Christian Marriage. This resource pack contains: A PPT (14 slides) and handouts (3 sheets -15 clue cards) . Included in this resource is our 5 minute 'Loading Timer complete with MUSIC. Pupils are tasked with sorting the clues and coming up with their own verdict as to why Laura ran away from her wedding.

Lesson 5: Hinduism-Arranged Marriages: This is an introductory lesson to marriages within the Hindu tradition. By the end of this lesson pupils will be able to discuss the benefits and challenges of arranged marriages. This resource pack contains: A PPT (24 slides) and handouts (4 sheets) . Activities include: Bell Task: Thinking Skills question. Starter Task: Design a profile age for your ideal partner.
Tasks: Think Pair Share on arranged Marriage. Pupils are introduced to the concept of arranged marriage within Hinduism. A task on divorce rates in various countries around the world and what significance these stats have in relation to arranged marriage. A sort task based on the possible advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriages.
A link to a youtube clip on arranged marriage. Pupils will then be split into pairs and one partner will have to write a persuasive speech on the benefits and the other the negatives of arranged marriage.Plenary (Exit task) : Pupils can be selected to deliver their speech.

Lesson 6: Hindu Wedding Ceremony: Included in this pack is a 2 minute timer with music! This is a fully resourced Grab & Go lesson based on Hindu Marriage.PowerPoint: 18 Slides & Work Booklet: 11 pages. Starter: Give me 5 activity. Discussion on marriage within Hinduism. Information on the Hindu marriage ceremony. A fun activity that allows the pupils to ‘dress up’ the figures with the attire worn by the bride and groom at a wedding. Learning Map: Hindu marriage ceremony & symbols. The order of a Hindu marriage ceremony. Diamond Ranking activity on the promises made by the husband and wife. A literacy task on writing a letter about a wedding ceremony.
INCLUDED in this pack is our Writing a Formal Letter resource that is worth £3.

Lesson 7: Jewish Wedding Ceremony: This is a lesson on an Orthodox Jewish Marriage ceremony. This resource pack contains: A PPT (29 slides) and handouts (5 sheets) . Included in this resource is our multimedia 5W activity. Activities include: Bell Task: Thinking Skills question. Starter Task: 5Ws-Posing Questions. An activity that is to be completed in pairs to reinforce understanding of the key terms studied this lesson.
Link to YouTube video on an Orthodox ceremony.
Information sheet on the jewish wedding ceremony.
Learning mat on the Jewish ceremony.
Plenary (Exit task) : 5Ws-Answering Questions
Homework: Choose two questions that haven’t been answered during today’s lesson and research them.

Additional Resources…

Tale as old as Timer: An absolutely beautiful timer… This runs for approximately three minutes. Each rose petal falls from the rose every ten seconds. Included in this is a large version as a main visual in the lesson or a small icon at the lens hand corner of the slide. Copy this and paste it into any presentation!

Quick Notes: This resource has been invaluable in our teaching. The pack includes three performance related quick notes that you should have printed and cut out in preparation for handing to the children at the end of the school day or lesson. It is suitable for any year group and any subject.
There are three Quick Notes in total:
Theses should be filled in with the relevant information about the child and handed to them at the end of the lesson/ school day. They are designed to be given to the pupil’s parents as an indication of their performance.

Teacher Feedback Sheet: For use when marking books as a summative feedback for pupils and parents.

Religious Studies Vocabulary Booklet: An A-Z vocabulary booklet that is left blank for pupils to write specific vocabulary that they need to know. The majority of pages are dedicated to a letter. were as come letters (Y & Z, for example) share a page.

The booklet is 40 pages long, this will allow you to have it printed back to back in magazine form as either an A5 (printed on A4 paper) or A4 booklet (printed on A3 paper).


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