Reward Survey

►What’s Included?◄
You will receive:
-A 2 page reinforcement survey (in PDF format)
-A scoring key for teachers including directions for interpreting answers (also in PDF format)

►How to Use◄
Have you noticed that some of your students do not respond to even the coolest, most unique classroom rewards? That’s because what’s reinforcing to some children may not always be reinforcing to others. This is what makes every child unique, and also why a reinforcement survey comes in handy.

A reinforcement survey can provide valuable insight regarding what type of rewards and incentives your students prefer by allowing each child to give you direct feedback from their own perspective. These surveys are simple to administer and interpret, but the data it provides is invaluable. Ultimately, a reinforcement survey serves the purpose of assisting you when you need to know what motivates a student, what kind of rewards they prefer, and what they will be likely to work for!

This reinforcement survey can be used with your entire class at the beginning of the year in order to get to know your students,’ as well as for the creation of a classwide incentive system. Reinforcement surveys can also be used with specific students who may be exhibiting problem behaviors to determine what a student wants to earn in order to increase appropriate classroom behaviors or develop a behavior plan. Simply have students complete the survey and then interpret their answers using the scoring key provided in this download.

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