Roald Dahl: Full Writing Scheme of Work

A Full scheme of work covering writing objectives using various of Roald Dahl's works (including Matilda and The BFG). It is easy to differentiate for KS 2 (7-11 year olds) and KS3 (11-14 year olds)and contains many worksheets for activities including vocabulary and punctuation use as well as descriptive and creative writing techniques.


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  • Chappers44a month agoReport

    Love this...cant place the Roald Dahl on writing worksheet can you help?

  • nikkifitz5 months agoReport

    Some very useful aspects for teaching Matilda, many thanks.

  • danob577 months agoReport

    Wonderful resource- thanks for sharing!

  • lucieb18 months agoReport

    A brilliant resource, thanks so much!! If you have any extra resources for it would you be able to email?

  • TPRegan768 months agoReport

    Thank you for sharing what a great resource.