Romeo & Juliet Quiz (Act 3)
Need a resource to measure your students' reading comprehension of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet?

This zip file contains two documents. The first is an 14-question quiz in multiple choice format. The second is the corresponding answer key.

Specifically, this quiz covers the following key plot details and concepts:

♦ Mercutio's reason for fighting Tybalt
♦ Romeo's ill-fated attempt to stop the fight
♦ Romeo's reason for leaving Verona
♦ Juliet's criticisms of the Nurse
♦ The Nurse's confusing news
♦ Juliet's conflicting emotions toward her husband
♦ Friar Laurence's perspective on the Prince's punishment
♦ Romeo's erratic behavior
♦ Lord Capulet's arrangement with Paris
♦ Mantua
♦ A character who plans to have Romeo killed
♦ A threat of being disowned
♦ The Nurse's advice to Juliet
♦ Juliet's foreshadowing comments
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