Route 66: Train Vocab and Compensating Strategies (L2)
Route 66 is a fun competitive board game in which games like ‘Taboo’ meet ‘Game of the Goose’. Pupils work in teams to get from Chicago, Illinois to the Santa Monica Pier in California as fast as they can. Check out to see it in action!

They perform language exercises to train their foreign (English included) compensating strategies with known games like ‘Taboo’ and ‘30 Seconds’ but also made up games like ‘Worldly Descriptions’ and ‘Synonym Domination’.

Although this game was created for learners of English as an L2, it can also be used to help young native English speakers learn synonyms with the game ‘Synonym Domination’.

If you teach other languages in an English speaking country you can adjust the game to make it suitable for languages like Spanish. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the teacher instructions.

The game is played on a tablet with a PowerPoint player installed and uses other devices like smartphones. However, additional printable files have been added to make it available on paper as well. Instruction on how to do this are included in the Teacher Instructions.

Do you want your pupils to practise their compensating speaking strategies in an engaging, competitive and fun way? Download Route 66 and get:

-The PowerPoint file with the Route 66 Board, instructions, links to cards and more (when played it acts like an app).
-Teacher Instructions.
-Additional printable files to play offline.
-Additional websites to use for more diversity (in the Teacher Instructions).

System Requirements: A tablet or other device (flexible laptop) with reasonable size (>10.1 inch) and the ability to lay flat on a table. It must be able to play PowerPoint files. Files are included to print the board and avoid using a device altogether.

Players compete 2 vs 2 with a maximum of 8 players. The game if fun for pupils >7 because it’s so diverse.

Have fun!
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