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If you’re a teacher who’s about to be interviewed for a new job by a school council or other group of students it can be daunting to prepare for. Below is a list of questions that school councils we’ve worked with have asked and some general advice.


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    user avatarjag032 years agoreport

    Just what I needed.. Lots to think over. Thank you!

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    user avatarRCrompton13 years agoreport

    Thanks, really good range of things to think about.

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    user avatar*nic*3 years agoreport

    fabulous, thank you. helped me compile a list of questions for my student council to ask!

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    A good range of questions and advice. Thank you

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    user avatarKC014 years agoreport

    Thank you so much for your detailed advice. I've got an interview and the first part is with the school council and I'm more nervous about that than the actual interview! This has helped loads with my answers and my nerves! :) x