Medium term plan for SEAL - Going for Goals. Ideas for activities and input. 2 powerpoints relating to medium term plan. Other topics covered: Paperwork; Planning; Taking part in our school community


  • medium term plan.xls
  • How do we learn.ppt
  • What do we do.ppt

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    user avatargingersal4 months agoreport

    Very useful resource. Thanks.

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    user avatarVanessa397 months agoreport

    Thanks - this has saved me lots of time. Good resource.

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    user avatarjimbela year agoreport

    good resource

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    user avatarnsnellie2 years agoreport

    Great, thank you! Will use this to enhance our school scheme, especially the powerpoint and role play ideas.

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    user avatarBenegan72 years agoreport

    Using this MTP as a base for a unit of work in my school. Thank you very much.