Seaside Brochure

Design a page for a holiday brochure to attract people to the seaside. There is a wide selection of seaside photographs to embed and some seaside themed clipart too.


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    user avatargmk3 years agoReport

    Fantastic resource for my topic, hope it works at school tomorrow!

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    user avataraya1994 years agoReport

    a wonderful resource - very easy to operate and providing background prep work is done beforehand - the chn can get loads out of making their own brochure. Thanks!

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    Fantastic resource. I used this idea for my mixed fs2/y1 class last week and it worked really well! We did some background work before beginning the brochure on what is found in a brochure and then using some old ones i'd picked up from the travel agents they cut out information they wanted to include in their work. It worked really well for all the students and i was able to target both my G&T students and SEN as there are so many different things you can do with it! Thanks =)

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    user avatarwhacky16 years agoReport

    Excellent. Thank you

Apr 26, 2010
Jun 23, 2013

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