Secondary school departmental planner by term and by week for 2017-2024

This long-term planner for heads of departments that runs from the academic year of 2017-18 until 2023-24 (the students who are in year 5 in 2017-18).

As a head of department myself, I am often needing to plan years in advance. Which topics will be taught and when and how does that fit in with topics being taught at the same time in other year groups. This document allows you to see just that. Many colleagues who have seen this have found this useful and so I am making it available here.

There are three tabs on this excel spreadsheet.

The first two tabs focus on a termly overview. One tab assumes a 3-year KS3 and a 2-year KS4. The second tab assumes a 2-year KS3 and a 3-year KS4.

Both sheets run from 2017-18 until 2023-24. Both of these are organised by terms in the rows and by year groups in the columns. Having an overview like this helps me to avoid clashes of resources, plan purchasing in advance and put the right topics in place at particularly appropriate times of the year.

The final tab in the long-term planner is by week. This is what I share with the staff in my department so they know exactly what content needs to be taught and when. This also allows me to make sure that all the classes in every year stay on track to complete their courses in a timely manner. It has been invaluable in helping my staff to feel confident in their planning and delivery.

In the by-week planner, the rows are sorted into weeks from 2017-18 until 2023-24. The columns are by cohort (year group) from year 11 in 2017-18 all the way through to year 5 in 2017-18 (completing year 11 in 2024).

In have colour coded this as much as possible so the rows and columns are clear and it is to see what is going on. There is no fancy code or formulas to worry about. This is a nice utility that will help you have a clear and long-term overview of exactly what will be taught in your department and when.

It doesn't take long to map things out and I usually fill out the by week tab in stages rather than all at once.

However, I really enjoy having everything so organised. I hope you do to and that you find this a useful resource.

Please feel free to share any feedback or requests you would like for this planner. All input is valued.

Many thanks,


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