Shakespeare or Yoda

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Both Yoda and Shakespeare often use similar sentence constructions (as I point out to those who are convinced they cannot understand Shakespeare but don't have a problem understanding Yoda). I get the class to stand up and for each quote they are shown they have to face to the left or the right depending on whether they believe it was said by Yoda or Shakespeare. If they are wrong they have to sit down until only the winner(s) is left standing.

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Shakespeare or Yoda

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CreatedJul 8, 2013
UpdatedMar 11, 2014

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    Thank you for posting

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    This is awesome. Simple but effective.

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    user avatarannie593 years agoReport


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    Was skeptical until I tried it and got several wrong! Brilliant!

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    user avatarmsamorgan4 years agoReport

    As well as an excellent piece of end of term fun, this will also be great for discussing word order and how modern Shakespeare can sound. Many thanks - off to try it out tomorrow.

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