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I made this to introduce rhyme to my class, based upon the Silly Soup rhyme from the Letters and Sounds resources. Children sing along to the rhyme and then select the appropriate rhyming picture. If they select correctly they will move on to the next step but if it’s wrong there is an explosion!

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CreatedFeb 2, 2009
UpdatedDec 4, 2014

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    Thank's for sharing, Great.

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    Fun. thank you.

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    user avatarkmilj12 years agoReport

    Great! Just returned to lower school after 5 years in upper, so it's great to be able to update with some newer resources. Thanks.

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    I am looking for my Nursery Teacher who asked me for some ideas today as she is just introducing it and not many of her students are getting it! I hope that the collection I have assembled will help. Thanks for this one I think the children will enjoy it. Thanks for sharing it Eilnan

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