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This is a book based on the song Sing a Rainbow. The idea is combining Music with Books and Art. Either each child will have their own book or they will work in groups (a book each group). They will draw the faces, paint their hands and stamp them over the right colour and colour the rainbow following the song. It is useful for Art, Literacy and also for English as a Modern Foreign Language. AIMS: Collaboration, behaviour, feelings, vocabulary…

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CreatedOct 9, 2008
UpdatedSep 3, 2014

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    user avatarpicris5 years agoReport

    nice, thanks!!!

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    user avatarIbuzzybea7 years agoReport

    I like this. Nice story, I really like it

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    Rainbow book. Lovely idea.....the writing just needs to be in lower case to make it more accessible/helpful for year R and 1.

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    user avatarharemale7 years agoReport

    a lovely idea. A lovely idea that I might adapt as my big problem with it is that it does not give the colours of the rainbow, and I'm afraid the same is true of the song, pink and brown are not in the rainbow. Sorry.

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    user avatarnineham7 years agoReport

    Children will enjoy this. Good simple book to use. Know my children will have a lot of fun painting and stamping hands for each colour. Do agree that it would be a lot better if you supplied the song.