This is a unit for High School Anatomy students. I have included a power point for direct instruction. There is a written quiz and key, a lab practical key that I use when I assess. My students take a lab practical on blank paper, no assistance ; they need to memorize. I have included a word bank that I use for children who are special needs. It is a modification that helps them to succeed if they have language deficiencies. The lab instructions are included. I have the student complete documents from "The Anatomy Coloring Book". These are not included due to copyright.


  • Bone_Classification_and_Formation.ppt
  • Quiz Skeletal System.doc
  • Quiz Skeletal System KEY.doc
  • skeletal practical 2013.ppt
  • Skeletal Practical (KEY).doc
  • Skeletal Practical (KEY)(1).doc
  • Skeletal-Flash cards.jpg
  • Word Bank Skeletal system.doc
  • Skeletal System Lab.doc
  • Skeletal System Lab KEY.doc

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