A collection of varied and differentiated resources on solving basic linear equations including equations with negative answers and brackets. They are aimed specifically at lower ability students, giving them more time to work on the topic and develop a deep understanding/mastery of the material.
- structured/scaffolded worksheets for building confidence
- a row game for paired work/peer assessment
- a code breaker and connect 4 game for practicing the skills in an engaging way
- 'skills network' for building connections with other topics
- Correct the mistakes, problem solving questions and 'Always, Sometimes, Never' cards for developing a deeper understanding

More similar resources on other topics coming soon!



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  • 3---Skills-Network.pdf
  • 1---Scaffolded-Worksheet.pdf
  • 2-CodeBreaker.pdf
  • 2-CodeBreakerAnswers.pdf
  • 2-Connect4.pdf
  • 2-RowGame.pdf
  • 3---Always-Sometimes-Never.pdf
  • 3---Correct-the-mistakes.pdf
  • 3---Reason-and-Explain.pdf

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