Solving Quadratics (already factorised) Bingo

KS4 Maths Game. Objective: For pupils to be able to successfully solve a quadratic equation which has already been factorised. Can be used effectively as a plenary to check understanding or as a starter to check prior learning. These bingo cards can be printed and laminated to use with a variety of Bingo games which I have shared on here.


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  • Hi - thanks for all your bingo games - I am downloading them all and laminating my cards tonight :) I think you'd titled this one incorrectly though as it is coordinates from equations rather than factorising.

  • alisoneves4 years agoReport

    Really nice way to remind them about substituting into a rule. Thank you so much..I really like your resources!

  • Gareth15124 years agoReport

    A great idea to consolidate the learning of pupils on the topic of straight line graphs. It gets the pupils to work out the x co-ordinate when given the y co-ordinate and I think that this is a really fun and engaging way to end a lesson or end a topic, and it can be used over and over again if a set is laminated. Ideal!