Southern Cone Bundle - – 8 sets of thematic units for the price of 6 - Inter. 2
Bundle includes 16 thematic units, perfect for one semester:

Spend the entire semester in the Southern Cone. Intermediate 2 students delve into one of the most fascinating regions of the Americas. They cover only four countries, but oh, my, are they ever different. At the end of the semester the students will have an excellent understanding and a great appreciation for the Southern Cone.

1. Buenos Aires, sophistication / Paraguay, backwater; 2 units - SP Inter. 2
2. The Jesuit missions / A bilingual country; 2 content-based units - SP Inter. 2
3. Human rights - Chile - Violeta Parra / Carmen Quintana; 2 units - SP Inter. 2
4. Ecology and tourism: Chile's wonders; 2 thematic units - SP Intermediate 2
5. The tango / Eat red meat; 2 thematic units - SP Intermediate 2
6. Iguazú Falls / Mate and meat; 2 units about the Southern Cone - SP Inter. 2
7. Astronomy / A pop music festival, 2 units about Chile - SP Intermediate 2
8. Spanish in the Americas / Theater; 2 units - SP Intermediate 2

Preview every unit. Get details in each one individually in the Miraflores store.
There is enough variety to satisfy all, human rights and pop music, ecology and the Spanish spoken in Argentina and Uruguay.

Grammar points covered in every unit. Vocabulary extension in every unit. Internet key words, oral and writing assignments for every thematic unit.

Exclusively in the target language.
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