For more space activities and resources please visit my blog at http://primarymaths.wordpress,com and follow the links to space activities. The YEAR 5 BLOCK A UNIT 1 smartboard file gives an overview of the activities. The other smartboard files and worksheets then link to this. Some of the problems are adapted from the blue problems solving book, others from


  • 66_zids_zods.notebook
  • average distance to the moon mystery.doc
  • intergalactic football.notebook
  • invaders.notebook
  • planet information gap.doc
  • planet maze.notebook
  • planet sequences.notebook
  • Planet temperature sequences.notebook
  • sum and difference rockets.doc
  • word problems.notebook
  • year 5 block A unit 1.notebook
  • Moons of Vuvv sheet.doc
  • The moons of Vuvv.notebook

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    These are perfect. Thanks.

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    user avatarhjtgoat2 years agoreport

    Thank you!

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    user avatarteareb2 years agoreport

    fantastic resources and thank you so much for sharing. great problem solving

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    user avatarNataliebu2 years agoreport

    These are lovely enriching activities; have picked and chosen for my different groups. Just what they need to apply learning in a fun way. One suggestion, having a slide with answers for each activity would have been very welcome, (you do for some but not all) Thank you for sharing, as I know my pupils in y5 will gain for having done these.

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    Thank you so much for all the work that has gone into adapting these around a theme. Will use to create a week of enrichment around addition and subtraction.