This is a Grammar Booklet for the new A2 curriculum starting in September 2017. Over the last couple of months, I have been adapting the old student & grammar booklet that I use with my old A2 curriculum so that I can carry on using it with the new A2 syllabus.
My students find this booklet useful and I am sure the new A2 students will like it too!
It comes with:
- lots of translation exercises
- AS tenses revision translation exercises
- perfect subjunctive tenses (perfect and pluperfect)
- if clauses
- passives
- verbs that are followed by a preposition (casarse con, empezar a...)
- false friends
- idioms & phrases for the speaking
- I also added the AQA mark schemes for the Speaking and the Writing and information about the different papers.
- there are also some essay titles for La casa de Bernarda Alba and El Laberinto del Fauno (can be adapted to the film and book you do).
- Answers!
This booklet is 87 pages so you can imgine all the stuff I have added :)

To use the word document there are a few fonts you will need so that you can see everything in place:
- coming soon (
- veggieburgger (
- komika display (
- helsinki (

Please leave some feedback :) Would like to know what other teachers think of it! So leave some feedback please :)


  • Sample---Typical-Spanish-idioms.pdf
  • Sample---Grammar.pdf
  • Sample---Titulos-de-Ensayo.pdf
  • Sample---Translation-exercises.pdf
  • A2-Handbook---Grammar-Booklet_Version----TES----Answers.pdf
  • A2-Handbook---Grammar-Booklet_Version----TES----Answers.doc
  • A2-Handbook---Grammar-Booklet_Version----TES--.doc
  • A2-Handbook---Grammar-Booklet_Version----TES--.pdf

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    user avatarsiempreyoa month agoreport

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    user avatarBlanca14 months agoreport

    I think this is a very useful resource for the first year of the new A Level and the last year of the old A Level..I liked that there is a summary of what to revise, including useful sites, mark schemes and key grammatical exercises about common mistakes such as the passive and the subjunctive. I also really liked the speaking sections, with suggestions on how to "sound natural" and question starters to give the examiner (new A Level). The package is very varied and you can adapt it to your learners. You can also uploaded in a revision area on your intranet so that students can pick and choose according to their needs. Thank you Sara. The guide saves me time too!