Spanish Imperfect Subjunctive group of resources (booklet and revision mats)

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Here you can find the imperfect subjunctive booklet I put together for my students plus 2 revision mats that help them to squeeze this tense in their oral and written work.
The booklet includes all the irregulars plus gapfill and translation exercises.
You can also find a ppt that includes a dice game. Have you got 20 sided dice? You will need some!
Students have to roll the dice to find out what verb they have to conjugate in the imperfect.


  • Booklet_Imperfect-Subjunctive.doc
  • Booklet_Imperfect-Subjunctive.pdf
  • Desesperado-por-el-subjuntivo-mat_Present---Imperfect.pdf
  • Imperfect-subjunctive-mat.pdf
  • Imperfect-Tense---Dice-game---Copy.pptx

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    Thank you for publishing your resource. It has been selected to be featured in a post on the TES Resources blog.

    • user avatarshara_nukuReply from Author2 months ago

      Gracias!! :)

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    user avatarachis3 months agoreport

    Excellent resource! clear instructions and useful activities. My students found it very useful and easy to use. Save me so much time . Thank you!

    • user avatarshara_nukuReply from Author3 months ago

      So glad it worked well with your students! Many thanks for your review!

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    user avatarMiriam_844 months agoreport

    Fantastic resource! Very detailed, with activities, mats and everything a teacher and student could want and need. Thank you so much for your hard work, looking forward to more resources :)

    • user avatarshara_nukuReply from Author4 months ago

      Glad you liked it! Thanks for your kind review :)