Spanish Speaking Countries Holidays and Festivals Student Research Activity

Students research several areas associated with holidays and festivals celebrated in Spanish speaking countries. The areas are date/s, food, events, music and dance, location, religious celebrations, countries that celebrate the holiday, and history of the holiday.


1. 15 different templates, each with a different holiday and the categories listed previously. This is a fun investigative activity for students that can be completed in Spanish or English.

2. One template without the name of a holiday or festival to give you the option of adding more of either.

3. Page that includes several suggestions for using the materials such as a Foreign Language Week activity, Spanish Club activity, or just a homework assignment, to name a few. This has been used very successfully as a substitute teacher lesson in the computer lab. It's a great research activity for use with iPads or other tablets. The holidays can be researched one at a time over a period of several weeks which makes this a download of 15 assignments, or you can divide and distribute all 15 different templates and have different students working on different countries at the same time.

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