Spanish Verbs I have...who has...? Game BUNDLE
Get your students speaking, listening and practicing Spanish verb meanings and conjugations. This BUNDLE includes 6 different products, each product contains 2 sets of 36 cards each and instructions for playing Yo tengo...¿Quién tiene...? Save 25% by purchasing the bundle!

The following products are included in this bundle. Please see the individual links for more information and previews of each product
Spanish Present Tense AR Verbs I have, who has?
Spanish Present Tense ER and IR Verbs I have, who has?
Spanish Present Tense Irregular Verbs I have...Who has...?
Spanish O to UE Stem Changing I have...Who has...?
Spanish Preterite Tense AR Verbs I have...Who has...?
Spanish Preterite Tense ER and IR Verbs I have...Who has...?

How do these games work?
To prepare cards, just print (use cardstock if possible), cut apart and laminate to preserve use. Color or gray scale will work fine for printing.

The first set of cards for each game (pgs. 3-8) contains a Spanish subject and then a verb in parentheses. Students will answer by identifying the card with the correctly conjugated Spanish verb. The second set of cards (pgs. 9-14) is more challenging and contains the English subject and verb. Students will answer with the correctly conjugated verb in Spanish.

To play, distribute cards to students. It is ok if some students have more than one card.

One student begins by reading the question on the BOTTOM of his/her card. It does not matter which student starts the game, as the goal is to get back to that original student after all students respond.

The student who has the answer responds by stating “Yo tengo…” and then reading his/her question.

The game continues in a loop until all students have responded and the first student answers the question with his/her “Yo tengo…” response at the top of the card.

Often, I split the students into 2 teams and they race against each other’s time to see which team can complete the activity the fastest. They love the competition aspect!

What other teachers are saying about these games:
**We played this towards the end of class. My students couldn't get enough of it. They can't wait to play it again.
**I LOVE this product, and the students did too! Thank you!!!
**Great interactive way to practice verbs! Thanks!
**Another great product from you! I love the differentiated piece, especially!!



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