Spring  Animals, Flowers, STEAM

Looking for something exciting for an animal, plant or Spring unit?

An idea for a project?

These activities are fun and engaging. And great brain workout!

A great introduction to biomimicry. Exercises and tips to encourage young children to look at spring animals and flower, and to get ideas for ‘innovations and designs’.

The Spring Animal package contains:

  1. Introduction to biomimicry

  2. What if I was a chicken?

  3. Invent something inspired by feathers

  4. Walking on eggshell

  5. Invent a food container

  6. Chicken dance

  7. Doodling fun

  8. Duckling feet - invent swimming gear

  9. Lambs pop-corning

  10. Warm house

  11. Acrostic poem

  12. Long-eared rabbits

  13. Invent a helmet

  14. Bird’s nest design challenge

  15. Imagination challenge

  16. Butterfly wings

  17. Frog life cycle

  18. Tadpole challenge

  19. Jumping frogs

  20. Doodling gallery

  21. Links

Be inspired by the unpredictable Spring weather and the beautiful Spring flower. This packages uses questions about the weather to encourage children to observe flowers.

The Spring Flower package contains.

  1. Getting Started Guide

  2. Acrostic Poem

  3. Things I Love about Daffodils

  4. How does the daffodil survive the gusty winds?

  5. Invent something inspired by daffodils

  6. Why do tulips close the flowers when it is raining?

  7. Make an advertisement for Spring Hats. Invent something inspired by tulips.

  8. Primula - special rain protection pollen

  9. Imagination Challenge – Special rain protect

  10. Why do cherry blossoms fall to the ground? Invent a beautiful recycling machine

  11. Design a cherry blossom dress, skirt or t-shirt.

  12. Spring-y sunshine - arctic poppy - flowers that follow the sun

  13. How to use biomimicry in the classroom - inspiration and ideas

  14. Links and information

Make a Biomimicry Notebook.

Make a Biomimicry Banner and tell classmates about interesting ideas and observations.

The printable pages of this packet will help your students contribute to a biomimicry display banner filled with ideas and inventions.

Print the pennants that spell out ‘biomimicry’ and display on a string in your classroom. Each student can then add to the banner by adding interesting ideas and observations about an animal or plant. They can also draw ideas for designs and inventions.

There is also a backline’ version that students can decorate before creating your biomimicry classroom banner!

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