Starter revision activity - Factors Affecting performance - GCSE PE

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Cut out the cards and give one to every pupil. One pupils starts off and read the question on his/her card (They also have an answer on their card but it does not relate to their questions). Another pupil in the classroom with have the answer to the questions. They have to shout it out. If all pupils believe that is the correct answer, the pupil reads out his/her questions. This process continues until all pupils have answered a question


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    user avatarpeanut144 years agoreport

    Thanks for sharing

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    user avatarrayvon8 years agoreport

    Useful Resource. Thanks for this, a useful competition based quiz proforma that can be adapted thoughtout the topics, cool, Thank you

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    Very useful. Just the sort of thing you need this time of year, thanks

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    user avatarChatwin10 years agoreport

    Great resource, thanks. This is great for revision. Thanks for sharing it!

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    Thanks. Could be useful for the BTech National Award, Unit 8 Nutrition, so thanks for the resource!!