This is a whole lesson looking at the different aspects of two way tables. This is a way of displaying data and questions are often more varied than people think.

1) Filling in missing data
2) Reading data from a table
3) Taking words/figures out of a context and putting it into a two way table in order to solve a question (BECOMING POPULAR WITH NEW SYLLABUS!!)

I like this as a topic and I have included some exam questions from Edexcel as this is one of those topics that I like pupils to practise the specific style of exam questions. The lesson comes with a challenging starter, learning objectives, clear teaching slides, a question to use with MWB to assess understanding, and a challenging plenary.

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2 Reviews

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    user avatareventhorizon6 months agoreport

    Powerpoint is good but the questions and answers are available free on corbett maths, seems a bit of a cheek to ask £2.50 for a short powerpoint with only 4 original (and short) questions on it. I would have been happy to pay a lower rate for it but this is too high a price for copy and pasting free resources from elsewhere.

    • user avatarajf43Reply from Author6 months ago

      Thanks for the feedback. The majority of my Powerpoints are longer and the majority have originally created worksheets / resources included. I have taken on board your feedback and maybe need to differentiate my prices depending on the particular lesson rather than have a flat price. I didn't make a worksheet for this particular lesson, because I liked the exam questions, but point taken.

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    user avatareven291a year agoreport

    Brill, even better when purchased as part of the bundle

    • user avatarajf43Reply from Author6 months ago

      thanks for the review