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I created these for my Year 4 class to get them writing more confidently. They are designed to appeal to that age group. Most are story starters but some are for different genres. I used them as something for the children to do as they come in in the morning but they could be for anything. I gave the children books to 'just write in'. They can decorate them and keep them for ever if they wish. The children have been keen to share what they have written with the class and are proud of them. I think that they like the fact that they are not marked.


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  • 10_Story_Starters.docx
  • Adventures-of-a-Rat.docx
  • Animal-poem.docx
  • As-Ben-emerged-from-the-tunnel.docx
  • As-gentle-as-an-angel.docx
  • Continue-with-your-writing-or.docx
  • Easter-Poem.docx
  • If-you-saw-Daisy-walk-down-the-road.docx
  • In-the-heart-of-the-city.docx
  • Island-of-adventure.docx
  • Make-up-a-list-of-10-ridiculous-excuses-for-why-you-have-not-done-your-homework.docx
  • One-dark-night-when-all-was-still.docx
  • Poem-or-adventure-story.docx
  • Spring-is-a-time-for-baby-animals.docx
  • The-Race.docx
  • The-sun-was-just-coming-up-over-the-marshes.docx
  • This-message-was-washed-up-on-the-beach-just-off-the-coast-of-Devon.docx
  • Write-a-set-of-instructions-explaining-how-to-eat-Spaghetti-Bolognaise.docx
  • Write-a-story-called-the-Magic-Door.docx
  • Write-a-story-called.docx
  • Write-an-animal-play-script.docx

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Created: May 7, 2017

Updated: May 14, 2017

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