Two storyboards - one to help children storyboard the story of Perseus and Medusa's head and one for them to plan their own myth on.


  • perseus storyboard empty.doc
  • myth_storyboard.doc

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Created: Oct 24, 2009

Updated: Oct 26, 2013

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5 Reviews

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    Used one to model, then the chn did their own on the blank one.

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    user avatarEmmaJ185 years agoreport

  • 3
    user avatarWendy_sb8 years agoreport

    Thanks so much. Very useful resource to use with my year 3 class. Thanks.

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    user avatarmorrishj8 years agoreport

    a good start. really useful basis for planning my own story boards for this topic

  • 5
    user avatargembug8 years agoreport

    very useful. Fantastic, easily adaptable for use with any class doing a myth! I have simplified it for lower ability who can draw pictures to help them plan.